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On May 13, 2010, King County Executive Dow Constantine proposed providing cities with 150 beds in the King County Jail until 2020. This move, coupled with current and potential contracts that north/east King County cities have with other jurisdictions for jail beds, enabled Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to recommend ending the process of siting a new regional municipal jail to house misdemeanor offenders. For more information, please visit the King County Web site:

Site Selection
Environmental Review
Jail Design Options
Community Input & Outreach
Additional Resources

Additional Resources

  • Jail Population Study
    Cities in King County hired a consultant to create a long-term jail population forecast, as well as develop some preliminary long-term municipal jail housing options. The consultant estimates that in 2026, Seattle will need approximately 445 municipal jail beds and the other cities located in north and east King County will need roughly 200 beds. Thus, the NEC group estimates a 640-bed regional municipal jail will meet its needs for the next 20 years.
  • Jail Feasibility Study
    Cities in north and east King County hired a consultant who specializes in correctional facilities, Carter Goble Lee (CGL), to look at the tradeoffs between a single municipal jail vs. multiple smaller jails. The study showed that there would be significant savings, primarily in operating costs, if these cities jointly build a misdemeanant jail.
  • Report: Issues in Siting Correctional Facilities
    A U.S. Department of Justice study examined seven different jail sites in four states, looking at the effect on property values, crime, quality of life and the local economy. The study found that there weren't any significant differences in crime rates between neighborhoods with jails and comparable neighborhoods without jails (and, in some cases, the crime rates were lower).
  • Seattle Site Analysis Memorandum
    Seattle initially identified four possible candidate sites: two in north Seattle and two in south Seattle. To maintain geographic equity within the city, Seattle selected one site in north Seattle and one site in south Seattle for further evaluation in the environmental impact study (EIS) process. Of the two north sites, the Armory Way site received a higher ranking, both in the CGL assessment, as well as in an assessment by City staff. Of the two south sites, the West Marginal Way site received a higher ranking, both in the CGL assessment, as well as in an assessment by City staff.
  • EIS Agreements
    Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Seattle and Shoreline have agreed to a joint environmental review process of the sites the North/East Cities are considering as a possible location for a new municipal jail. The NEC and King County have agreed to include the vacant County-owned site located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Jefferson Street – which is adjacent to the King County jail – as one of the sites for consideration under the EIS. An agreement between King County and the City of Seattle governs the environmental review of this site.
  • EIS Scoping
    The public scoping period ran from Dec. 18, 2008, through Jan. 30, 2009. Six EIS scoping meetings were held in January 2009. Verbal and written comments received at the EIS scoping meetings and comments received via U.S. mail and email were posted online after the scoping period ended Jan. 30, 2009.
    • EIS Scoping Comments
    • EIS Scoping Summary Memo
      This memo from the SEPA Consultant recommends additions to the scope. Please note that these additions, along with the complexity of some of the analyses, have impacted the EIS schedule.
    • EIS Scoping Summary
      This document summarizes the comments received during the EIS Scoping period and identifies the elements that will be analyzed.
  • Seattle Jail Capacity Study
    As part of its review of the 2009-2010 Proposed Budget, the Seattle City Council passed a statement of legislative intent (SLI) regarding an assessment of whether Seattle's use of jail beds can be reduced by adopting a more treatment-focused approach toward the enforcement of certain lower level drug offenses. The SLI directs that a final report, including specific policy recommendations, be presented to the Council's Public Safety, Human Services, and Education Committee by no later than July 1, 2009.

  • Correspondence Between King County and Seattle City Council
    • April 24, 2009: Seattle City Council requests an extension to the City's jail contract.
    • June 17, 2009 -- King County Executive responds to Seattle City Council's April 24, 2009, letter.
    • Aug. 19, 2009 – King County and cities reach tentative agreement extending jail services contract through 2015

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